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Principal's Welcome

A warm welcome to our Outram School website. I invite you to explore all the information we have shared about our school, our pupils, our staff and our school community. We are proud of all we do at Outram and I am confident you will enjoy this 'snapshot' of all that happens within our busy learning environment.
Return often to check on updates. If you are ever in Outram, please call in; I will be more than happy to give you the guided tour. In the meantime, feel free to check out a few of my favourite learning resources and media files I have shared on this page.

Jeremy Marshall
Outram School

Media Gallery:
Mardi Gras 2014
73 media items
Waiora Camp
1 media item
Tug o' War 3...
85 media items
2015 Otago P...
16 media items
Websites to Explore
Sunshine Classics (Ask at school for a login)
Ministry of Education Parents Area