Snow Days (And Other Weather Events)

From August 2018, Outram School will make their own decision for late starts and closures due to snow and other weather events. We will no longer follow the decision made for Dunedin Schools.

The decision for Outram School will be communicated through School Stream and the Outram School website. We will not use radio to advise of late starts and closure. If you are not able to access School Stream, please have an arrangement with another family to contact you for important announcements such as closure.

Announcement 1: “Outram School is closed.”

  • a message will be sent through School Stream
  • a message / notice on our website

Announcement 2: “Outram School will open at 10.00 am.”

  • a message will be sent through School Stream
  • a message / notice on our websiteThis later opening allows…
  • time to check on snow conditions in and around Outram
  • time to check on staff to see if they can travel safely
  • time to liaise with Otago Road Services
If conditions deteriorate, or are considered unsafe, the 10.00 am opening announcement may be followed by a closure announcement.

Over-riding advice

Our school catchment covers a wide area – you are the best judge of the conditions at your place. The safety of travel for you and your family over-rides all decisions made by the school. If you cannot get out or judge that it is unsafe to travel please stay put and let us know (if possible) that your child will be absent.