Room 6

Welcome to Room 6 2016

We are a class of 26 Year 6 students, our teachers are Mrs Tansley and Mrs Hunter.   We are polite, kind and look out for each other.  We are enthusiastic learners and we like trying new things.   Students in our class take part in a wide range of co curricular opportunities offered at school including kapa haka, enviro group, choir, sketching, mechanics and robotics.  Some of us have stepped up to a school leader role by becoming PALs (Physical Activity Leaders).


We have started the year looking at Statistics in maths, so here are some facts and figures about us. 


There are 9 girls and 17 boys in our class.

9 of us live on a farm, 17 in a township/town.

9 of us travel to school by bus, 7 walk, 7 come by car and 3 bike to school.

23 of us play a sport, of that number 11 of us play more than three sports.

9 of us play a musical instrument.

25 of us have pets.

21 of us take part in the Outram School CAPES award scheme.

When asked about favourite school subjects, 14 of us like art, 7 like maths, 3 like reading and two like writing.

If we could choose to have a super power 5 of us would choose Invisibility,  12 the ability to fly,  3 of us would have super strength,  4 bendability and 2 of us superspeed.