Friends of Outram School (FOS)

Greetings from the Friends of Outram School! So, you’ve probably heard of school PTAs and thought, "Not for me!,  Who wants to spend time going to more meetings and taking on more responsibility? In any case, isn’t a PTA just a bunch of idealist parents trying to boost the school coffers?"

Think again. We may be parents. We may be idealistic. We may be trying to boost the school coffers. But it’s all for a reason: your child.Being part of the Friends of Outram School (FOS) is like making a good investment. Here’s how:

Return on Investment

You invest in something that brings a positive return in your children’s lives. The fundraising projects that we undertake go directly towards benefitting the children at school now.


You get to meet other parents, build friendships and get the satisfaction of doing something positive and rewarding. A big focus of the FOS is to have fun and enjoy making a difference.


Parents are the most important teacher for any child. As your children see you get involved, it teaches them the value of community and how we all need to give and receive help in life. If our community is going to thrive in the next generation, then we need to be teaching our children the importance of giving back to the community.
So, whether you have a little time or a lot, or few skills or many, we’d love to meet you. You can choose whatever level of involvement you like from just receiving our emails to coming along to meetings and getting stuck in. Get in touch today!  

Contact: Jo Higgs (Chair) 021 133 9546
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