2015 ODT Spelling Quiz Teams

2015 ODT Spelling Quiz

Published on Friday, 26 June 2015, 7:01 a.m. Print Article

Outram entered two teams in the ODT Extra Spelling Quiz, held last Wednesday at Tahuna Intermediate.  Over 60 Dunedin schools entered the Year 5-6 quiz and the competition was fierce.  The teams had ten rounds, covering everything from words originating from other countries, abbreviations, homonyms, proof reading, and of course spelling of tricky words!   The Outram teams achieved excellent results, finishing 6th and 7th equal, with scores of 92/100 and 91/100.  Well done Joshua Chiffers, Kylie Gale, Bridgette Sutton, Anna Miller, Billy Hunter and Logan Kakahi for representing Outram so well.