2015 Otago Triathlon

Published on Thursday, 26 March 2015, 7:27 a.m. Print Article

On Friday 20 March, a strong group of Outram athletes joined 412 other Year 5 to 8, from 31 different schools, to compete in the 2015 Otago Primary Schools Triathlon. With heavy swells flooding the St Clair Salt Water Pool, the triathlon became a quick paced and fiercely competitive duathlon. 

Our Outram team experienced their most succesful year in the four year history of the event.
Gabby Kakahi - first Year 7 Girls individual race.
Nick Casey - second Year 5 Boys individual race.
Demi McAlwee - third Year 5 Girls individual race. 
Jaime Reid, Kylie Gale, Georgia Robertson - first Year 5 Girls team race.
Ezra Holmes, Josh Warnock, Connor MacKenzie - second Year 6 Boys team race.
Riley Miller, Brooke MacAlwee, Isla Edgecombe - third Year 8 Girls team race.
All the students, individual and team, competed strongly and were well positioned in each event. Congratulations to everyone.